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I'm about to Destroy all the Myths on Weight loss in 1 hr and really truly help you to Avoid making the 3 same mistakes that 95% of people make over and over again.

Did you know? 
95% of People Fail to Lose Weight Not Because They Failed at #1 losing weight, but Because they Failed at #2 Not Gaining the Weight Back?

Have you ever wished that if someone who is truly qualified can teach you how to achieve a healthy weight so you can escape the weight loss-weight gain cycle?


Dr. Dan Lee, D.O.


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i've always wondered if healthy weight was so important
how come doctors don't teach it?
Weight Gain is a Symptom
attempting to lose weight with Willpower is not the solution.
because the weight will come back when your Willpower Runs Out.
The solution is solving the Root cause of weight gain.

it's just like how,

Throat pain and Fever are symptoms of a Strep Throat.
Treating the pain and fever with a Tylenol is not the Solution.
because the pain and fever will come back when the medicine wears out.
The Solution is Eradicating the infection with an antibiotic.
  • This is NOT about another Diet Program
  • This is NOT about doing Impossible Exercise Routines
  • ​This is NOT about starving or fasting
  • This is NOT about Losing Weight by doing nothing
  • This is NOT about taking magic pills
  • ​This is NOT about "Think" and lose weight
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Weight Loss Heroes aren't born.
They're built.
Current statistic show 7 out of 10 people in the United States are Overweight or Obese. And according to a survey, average American Women try 4 diet attempts every year. And sadly over 90% of attempts fail within 1-5 years.

I've also suffered from weight gain by stress eating and binge eating after work. After the intense 12 hr shifts in the hospitals and clinics, I often found myself eating the entire pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream and a bag of potato chips at night time watching Netflix. Cold, sweet, and creamy goodness and salty and crunchy friends would make me happy and take away all of my stress and worries. But soon, it became a habit and an addiction.

I was always interested in weight loss as my main weapon of preventive medicine for my patients. But the real journey to learn the nuts of bolts of weight loss started when my wife had emotional breakdown with her body during her first pregnancy. To me, solving the secret of weight loss meant rescuing my wife from the emotional downhill and failure was not an option.

Statics tell us that over 90% of people fail weight loss attempts with a diet and exercise and we weren't the exception. I researched articles after articles, read books after books, attended seminars after seminars, took weight loss classes for doctors, asked people online in the forums and groups for the solution. Nutritionists said food is the key. Personal Trainers said exercise is the key. Doctors said hormones are the key. Psychiatrists said brain is the key. People online who successfully lost weight and kept it off said all different things they've tried. 

I was frustrated with the fragmented information on the weight loss. So, I decided to put everything down in a short book and it was the birth of the book, Weight Loss Mastermind. In hindsight, it wasn't anybody's fault as the breadth of knowledge required to understand nutrition, human physiology, metabolism, neuroscience, toxicology and psychology is beyond imaginable. 

I gathered a lot of the data on weight loss and had an epiphany as a medical doctor. I realized we were treating the symptoms instead of the cause. We weren't practicing the root cause medicine. Let me help you understand what root cause medicine is. If you have a throat pain and fever the likely cause of the symptoms is the bacteria streptococcus, thus the name strep throat. Treating the pain and fever with Tylenol will get the fever down for a few hours but as soon as the medicine wears out the fever will come back. The best practice treatment is eradicating the bacteria with antibiotics such as amoxicillin or z-pack and when the bacteria is eradicated the throat pain and fever will go away on its own. We were making the same mistake of treating overweight by treating the symptom. We focused on strategies to lose weight, FAD diets and exercise programs and as soon as we stop the FAD diet and exercise, we gain all the weight back, just how fever comes back after Tylenol wears out.

I was able to identify 5 main causes of weight gain and how successful people lost weight and kept it off by eliminating the main causes of weight gain. I am sharing the secret gathered by years of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in the education. The knowledge is yours but to get the result, you must take action. But first, study the knowledge, by reading the book and studying my webinars. And, if you need help taking actions to achieve your desired result, you can join my online coaching program.

Go, Start Learning!

Dr. Dan Lee, DO
The Best Weight Loss Coach. Period.
Dr. Dan Lee, DO
The Best Weight Loss Coach. Period.
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
Certified Brain Health Coach
Certified Medical Weight Loss Physician
"This will blow your mind. Let it." 

-Dr. Dan Lee, DO-

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